La Cuentista Unit I Homeowners Association Annual Homeowners Meeting
Don Newton Community Center
October 2, 2017 at 6:00 P.M.


Board Members Present: Michael Martin, President, James Grage, Treasurer, Robin King, Member at Large,

and Nigel Burgess of HOAMCO, Manager. Jeff Pointer, Vice President and Don Gray, Secretary was absent.

The meeting was called to order by Michael Martin at 6:05 P.M. A quorum was verified.

The board members introduced themselves. Homeowners were then asked to introduce themselves and the street they lived on.

The minutes from the October 2016 Annual Homeowners meeting were approved by the Members.

As there were three positions open on the board and only two volunteers to serve, Jim Grage and Cheryl Hunt were voted to the board by a member vote. Josh Bauguss volunteered for the remaining board position.

President’s Report: Michael Martin
Michael thanked Board for their service.
He also thanked the members of various committees:

  • Architectural Control Committee: Cheryl Hunt, Jim Grage, David Meischen, Dave Dunlap, and Greg DeLelles.
  • Neighborhood Clean-up: Marsha Dunlap and RitaSue Grage
  • Community Newsletter: RitaSue Grage, June Garcia and Nikki Jochum
  • Neighborhood Watch on Aloe Rd: John Snyder
  • Website: David Meischen
  • Landscaping: Jim Grage, David Meischen, Larry Garcia and Erv Oertel
  • Board meeting minutes: Cheryl Hunt

It has been a pretty good year. We still have some work to do in some areas but overall the state of La Cuentista is good. The projects we have completed this year include A sidewalk form Camino De Paz to the open space, refurbishing the open areas and expanding the monument areas. A survey will be sent out for input on additional improvements the residents would like done.

Financial Report: Nigel Burgess
Operating account has $10588 and reserves has 15502 as of August 31, 2017. Delinquency is $2661 from 3 homeowners. All three have liens against their properties. Overall, we are under budget for the year.

Committee Reports:

  • ACC: Cheryl Hunt. There are no outstanding ACC requests. Turnaround time has been 2-3 days
  • Landscaping: Jim Grage. Some suggested projects would be some trees planted behind the monument on Urraca and Rosa Parks, landscaping the medians around the perimeter, refurbish Kimmick and Urraca area, and refurbish the river rocks in all open areas.
  • Clean-up: Marsha Dunlap. The fall clean-up as very successful with over 25 adults and a lot of kids. The spring clean-up will be in the same area. Watch the website and Facebook for the date.
  • Neighborhood watch: John Snyder No incidents from the residents of Aloe Rd. However, he has discouraged dumping in the areas around our neighborhood. There was an incident on Camino De Paz and Chicory last month of car windows being shot out.
  • Website and Newspaper committee were not present.

Unfinished Business:

  • There was discussion of making La Cuentista a gated community. Several factors make this proposal impractical. Cost being the deciding issue for against it.

Open Discussion:

  • There were positive comments regarding our Facebook page.
  • There was discussion on how to go about getting Unser widened. This will be pursued after the election as we will have a new city counselor.
  • Nigel will contact the city about putting up speed signs on Kimmick, Rosa Parks and Urraca. To help address the speeding on these streets.
  • Speed bumps were discussed for Kimmick. Unfortunately, it does not meet the city criteria.
  • There was some “washout” bins dumped on Urraca that will be looked into who put them there and why.
  • The Homeowners voted to hire security for the neighborhood for the 4 of July and New Year’s Eve to help curtail some of the more offensive fireworks. The city does have a noise ordinance the takes effect at 10 PM nightly for loud noises.
  • At the clean-up homeowners commented on the board doing a good job.

Meeting was adjourned at 6:45 PM

An executive meeting was held after the homeowners meeting. The board selected positions: Michael Martin, President, Jim Grage, Vice President, Cheryl Hunt, Secretary, Josh Bauguss, Treasurer and Robin King, Member at large. The 2018 budget was also approved.