Members Present: Jeff Pointer, President, Jim Grage, Vice President, Cheryl Hunt, Secretary, Josh Bauguss, Treasurer, and Gary Illingworth of HOAMCO, Manager.  Don Gray, Member at Large was absent.

The meeting was called to order by Jeff Pointer at Noon.  Agenda for meeting was approved.

As per the covenants and a discussion with the city the HOA is responsible for the maintenance of the open space and pond area.  The city has a right-of-way in this area. Representatives of La Cuentista II have asked the HOA to landscaping the area of Kimmick and the pond.  The board decided to not do any landscaping in this area due to spring winds just covering it up. After La Cuentista II is built out the Board will consider landscaping the area at that time.  If La Cuentista II wishes to landscape the area and pay for it the board has no objections.  

Several Projects were discussed and approved. Total expenditure is $8500 for these projects.

The projects are:

  1. Redo the open space by Kimmick and Comfrey.  Add 1” buildology brown and refresh the cobbles. Adding trees and a bench will be considered later.
  2. Upgrade the walkway between Aloe and Camino De Paz to concrete with cobbles to help with the erosion in the area. 
  3. Plant trees along Urraca and Rosa Parks in the open space.

The project to redo the north end Aloe/Rosa Parks open space and the median in the area will be done in September once La Cuentista II construction in the area is finished.

A bid is requested for filling in plants along Kimmick and Urraca.  There are approximately 30 that need replacing. Some may still be under warranty.  Gary will follow-up.

All other projects were deferred to the June Board meeting.

A motion to Pay Don Gray for the solar lights he installed on the La Cuentista signs was approved.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:00 PM.