La Cuentista Unit I Homeowners Association Board Meeting
HOAMCO Offices
June 25th, 2019 at 6:00 PM Minutes

Members Present: Jim Grage, Vice President, Don Gray, Member at Large, Josh Bauguss, Treasurer, and Gary Illingworth of HOAMCO, Manager.  Jeff Pointer, President and Cheryl Hunt, Secretary were absent.

The meeting was called to order by Jim Grage at 6:02pm.  Agenda for meeting was approved. Minutes from March 4th 2019 were approved.

Discussed the process for which HOA payments are enforced. Basically, if late a letter goes out. Letters continue to be sent each quarter. Once a resident is VERY late, a lawyer draws up an enforcement letter. If that letter is ignored, a lien is placed on the home.

Discussed Trailers/RVs on the street. The HOA has no enforcement of this. While it is in the bylaws that nobody can park a trailer for longer than 24 hours, it is still a city matter. If you see a trailer parked in front of a home for longer than 24 hours, you may call 311.

Under new HOA laws, board members had to sign certificate forms. Board members also had to sign acknowledgement of HOAMCO vendor relationships (of which there were none).

Discussed having another picnic for the annual HOA meeting. Scheduled for October 19 at 10:30am. HOAMCO will arrange for the landscapers to clear an area for the meeting near Rosa Parks and Urraca. (same location as last year). HOAMCO will arrange for a tent this year to help beat the heat. They will also arrange for more tables and chairs than we had last year. A bounce house will be reserved. We will look into pricing a climbing wall. We need more games. And an invitation to our city councilor needs to be sent out earlier than last year. (it was a last minute invite and she ended up not being able to make it due to the opening of the dog park at Cottonwood)

Board meeting dates were agreed upon. 3rd Quarter Meeting on Sept. 10th at 6pm. 4th Quarter Meeting on Dec. 3rd at 6pm. (All HOA board meetings are now at the HOAMCO office at 8700A Education Place NW.)

The topic of starting a newsletter was brought up. This could be sent quarterly in the same mailing as the quarterly invoice. Ideas for content include:

  • Announce meeting times
  • summary of landscaping activity
  • cleanup day announcement
  • request for volunteer to head up yearly garage sale to coincide with the city wide garage sale day.

Note: there is currently no volunteer to put this newsletter together.

Landscaping committee reported nothing new. We discussed briefly long term plans of replacing large grasses that don’t look good trimmed.

Complaints of cracks in our streets was brought up again. Unfortunately, the HOA can do nothing about this but to encourage home owners to call 311. The city will not do anything about this unless enough home owners call and file a complaint.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:55 PM.