La Cuentista Subdivision Unit 1 Homeowners Association Inc.

Board of Directors Meeting of March 3, 2020 – Minutes

HOAMCO Offices – 8700-A Education Place NW

Members Present: Jeff Pointer, Secretary, James Grage, Treasure, David Meischen, Josh Bauguss, VP, Don Gray, President.

Others attending: Gary Illingworth of HOAMCO, Cheryl Hunt

Meeting called to order by Don Gray at 6:00PM. Agenda was approved. Th meeting minutes from December 3, 2019 board meeting were approved.

Financial Reports

As of January 31,2020, there is $22043.82 in the operating fund and $29792.18 in the reserve fund. We are currently $621.78 over budget.

Don Gray proposed an accounting change from a cash method to an accrual method. The accrual method more accurately accounts for committed funds and better reflects current committed and available funds. Dave Meischen moved to change accounting method to accrual based, Jeff Pointer seconded the motion. Motion was approved unanimously.

Governing Documents

Assessment Collection Policy: Don Gray proposed that we change La Cuentista Unit 1 Assessment and collection policy to:

  • Collect interest on all unpaid assessments at the default rate of 18% per annum Jeff Pointer moved to charge delinquent accounts 18% interest per annum, Dave Meischen seconded motion was approved unanimously 
  • Formalization of fees structure: Dave Meischen moved to approve the below 2020 fee structure; Jim Grage seconded the motion. Motion was approved unanimously.
Assessments$90 quarterly
Late FeeThe greater of $15 or 10% of balance 
Covenant Violation FinesBy Schedule, $25 min, & as required 
Self HelpAt Cost
Attorney/Collection Agency Fees (if applicable)Varies 
Certified Postage Fee (if applicable)At Current USPS Cost
Records Disclosure Copies (if requested)$0.10 per page
Collection Notice Fee$25.00
NSF Charges$35.00
Demand Letters/Intent to Lien Letter$55.00
HOA Demand Status Letter(paid at close of escrow)  $121.00
Resale Disclosure Certificate(paid at close of escrow)  $299.00
Resale Bundle (Disclosure Certificate + Status Letter)(paid at close of escrow)  $399.00
Refinance Fee$71.00
Recordable Unpaid Assessment Statement$20.00
Lender Certificates/QuestionnairesVaries depending upon package requested by Lender
  • Technical corrections to the Violation Enforcement Policy:  Jeff Pointer moved to approve the proposed revision containing various grammar and structure to the policy for ease of understanding.  Jim Grage seconded the motion.  Motion was approved unanimously.

New and Unfinished business

Discussion regarding common areas and Drainage Covenant

3 Sisters LLC was required to purchase La Cuentista 1 open space and common areas to enlarge the drainage collection area to accommodate La Cuentista 2 run-off from Michael Knight. 3 Sisters is determined to assign ownership of La Cuentista 1 common areas to LC 1 homeowners association and the 12.9 archer open space including run-off collection area to both LC1 and LC2. Board determined to set up meeting with Bob Pruitt and LC2 representatives for better understanding of the proposal.

Landscape Proposals

All the landscape proposals were reviewed. The following items were approved by motion from Jeff Pointer and second by Dave Meischen with unanimous approval.

Item 3 Access Walkways 4 locations to place grasses and bushes on both side of access walkways between the following addresses at a cost of $3660 + tax

  • Aloe 6444 to 6448
  • Camino De Paz 6375 and 6401
  • Camino De Paz 6339 t0 6343
  • Camino De Paz 6435 t0 6339

Item 4: Place 2 15-gallon Desert Willow Trees behind monument at Kimmick & Uracca at a cost of $250.00 + tax

Item 5: Place 3 15-gallon Desert Willow Trees or 2 Redbud trees behind monument at Kimmick & Camino De Paz at a cost of $550.00 + tax

Item 6: Rosa Parks & Aloe East end remove rocks and lay concrete around mailboxes at a cost of $200 + tax.

Other Reports

ACC – No Report

Update on City Rezoning of “quarry” area – The City has approved the rezoning.

Website – Josh will post meeting minutes showing ‘Draft’ watermark until actual approval.

Open Discussion

Other Business – 

Cheryl will remove the HOA email that is in her name.

Next meeting is currently schedule for 6pm, June 2, 2020 at Hoamco office.

Executive session

Meeting was adjourned at 7:53 PM

Executive session

Delinquencies: Reviewed overdue accounts. Determined to contact the 2 highest delinquent accounts to inform them of the addition of interest to delinquent accounts in an effort to encourage payment.

Review of recent violations