Albuquerque will hold its Neighborhood cleanup on April 22. We will clean from 8am-Noon.

I’ll need at least one volunteer with a truck to haul garbage bags to the drop-off location.

I’d love to get more volunteers so that we can cover a larger area. One year we walked and cleaned up all along Rosa Parks and Kimmick all the way to Unser. Even though its not our neighborhood, it was nice to get all of that cleaned up.

Even more ambitious would be if we could get some folks out in the Petroglyph park that many of us walk alongside in the Petroglyph Estates. There is so much trash in the park bordering the cliff. If anyone belongs to girl/boy scouts, maybe this could earn some sort of badge. If we could get troops involved, we could truly tackle this.

I’ll probably start getting organized for this in late March early April.