Albuquerque Spring Cleanup

Albuquerque will hold its Neighborhood cleanup on April 22. We will clean from 8am-Noon.

I’ll need at least one volunteer with a truck to haul garbage bags to the drop-off location.

I’d love to get more volunteers so that we can cover a larger area. One year we walked and cleaned up all along Rosa Parks and Kimmick all the way to Unser. Even though its not our neighborhood, it was nice to get all of that cleaned up.

Even more ambitious would be if we could get some folks out in the Petroglyph park that many of us walk alongside in the Petroglyph Estates. There is so much trash in the park bordering the cliff. If anyone belongs to girl/boy scouts, maybe this could earn some sort of badge. If we could get troops involved, we could truly tackle this.

I’ll probably start getting organized for this in late March early April.


2022 Annual Meeting Unofficial Minutes

Hi folks. Just to get information out quickly. These are my minutes from the annual meeting. These aren’t board approved yet. Also, Gary keeps his own minutes. I’d like to return to us posting minutes after board meetings as they should be public to all.

Annual Meeting Minutes

Called to order at 6pm

Proof of notice was sent

Introduction of board members

Jim, Josh, David present

David Meischen and Don Gray have joined the board officially

President’s Report

  • Worked with city to fill cracks.  Learned lesson that if there isn’t a picture they wouldn’t fill it.
  • Worked with city to get street sweepers
  • Approved mailbox lighting
    • Camino installed – wed sept 28
    • Cayenne installed – wed sept 28
  • Approved more benches that should get installed by end of year

Financial Report

  • Operating balance $22,006
  • Reserver $63,608
  • Talked about over budget items regarding landscaping

ACC report: 

Nothing to report

Landscaping Report

  • Looking to get flagstone between hops and kola
  • Looking to replace dead plants

Open discussion/new business

  • Need to replace prolawn
  • Need to more urgently address line of site issues at each turn onto Rosa Parks and Kimmick
  • Newsletter that goes out with bills?
    • We could share on facebook
    • We need to share more stuff on facebook…
  • All the semi-trucks on Rosa Parks – they are wearing the pavement between Uracca and Unser very fast
  • The apartment project .  James Grage objected to this officially at a meeting
    • City hasn’t recognized us as an HOA??  strange…
  • Steve saw a couple surveyors that were inspecting our pond.   Who were they surveying for?
  • Talked about violation notices.  Gary says they may replace the inspector
  • Some folks complained about the HOA trying to enforce city rules regarding plants.  Number of plants and whatnot.   Apparently we’ve sent out notices and violations for this and it’s really irking people. 
    • we really don’t want this. investigate and resolve ASAP.

After meeting Executive Session

We met after the meeting to decide who would fill each board position. These roles go into effect at the December board meeting.

Josh Bauguss – President

James Grage – Vice President

Don Gray – Treasurer  (not present)

David Meischen– Secretary

Greg Delelles– Member at Large

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